Case Studies
KRS has conducted hundreds of assignments for our clients. Of those, many standout as a case study that showcases KRS's ability to improve the sales and brand awareness of its clients. Below are just a few case studies we'd like to share with you.

Snack Racks

Snack Rack

Objectives: Improve Product Availability, Display Execution and Consumer Awareness of Snack Products in Supermarkets. Products include Fruit Snacks, Salty Snacks, Popcorn and Granola Bars.

KRS Solution:
  • Develop a Snack Rack Merchandising Program with retailer specific objectives for participating retailers.
  • Schedule weekly store visits to set up, stock and restock displays.
  • Audit and monitor weekly store activity.
  • Increased snack sales +188%
  • Display compliance increased by 80%
  • Dollar Category Share increased by 10%
  • Product distribution status stabilized for all SKU’s
  • Based on successes of participating SKU’s other new items have been authorized.

Refrigerated Dough Products

Refrigerated Dough

Objective: Increase in-stock conditions and display activity of Refrigerated dough products during peak holiday sales period.

KRS Solution: Identify top volume stores and deploy KRS reps the 3 days before Thanksgiving and the 3 days before Christmas to stock refrigerated shelves and displays and gain incremental facings and displays.

Results: An average of 15-20 cases of additional product was stocked per store eliminating out-of-stocks. Sales increased during peak holiday selling periods.

University Medical

University Medical®

Objective: Improve University Medical product sales in lower POS ranked Wal-Mart stores.

KRS Solutions:
  • Working in conjunction with University Medical's marketing analyst, KRS identified the lowest POS ranking stores selling authorized University Medical products.
  • Deploy KRS reps to the identified stores.
  • KRS reps set, stocked, and tagged the University Medical products.
  • Corrected in-store inventoires.
  • Sales grew substantially.
  • Eliminated out-of stocks.
  • Corrected the replenishment pipeline.

Frito Lay

Frito Lay®

Objectives: Increase brand presence and sales in specific markets.

KRS Solution:Working with a demo company, KRS had full truck displays built in stores to support weekend Road Shows.

A tremendous lift in sales and full sell through of incremental promotional product.



Objectives: Improve product availability, display execution, and consumer awareness of Yogurt in supermarkets.

KRS Solution:

  • Develop and implement a Yogurt Cooler Program with participating retailer's specific objectives.
  • Schedule twice-weekly, store visits to set up, stock and restock Yogurt in high traffic areas.
  • Audit and monitor, twice-weekly, store activity.
  • Increased sales.
  • Increased distribution.
  • Increased brand awareness at all participating retailers.
  • Incremental impulse sales realized on single serve and multi-packs yogurt products.
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